Wild West Adventures - American roadshow for cowboy parties

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UK-based American roadshow 

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- first class entertainment  with Wild West games, competitions and lots of audience participation making it  ideal for your cowboy party, carnival, theme park, corporate and team building event, family fun day, themed party and charity fund-raising event.

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Wild West cowboy show

Cowboy skills - gun play

  • Cowboy skills show - with whips, lasso, ropes, gun play, knife throwing and shoot out, also giant inflatable wrestlers and line dancing. 

  • Fun and games feature: shooting range, bows and arrows, quick draw machine, lasso and cactus corral, horse show throwing, chicken run.

  • Complete with P/A music system, crowd barriers, Western set, flag poles bunting and decor.

  • The Wild West Adventure is easily adapted for indoor entertainment.

Cowboy party American themed props

Cowboy party whips demonstration


Roping display of the Mexican school, including lassoing, spinning, roping and 'hog tying'.  Features acrobatic tricks, fire ropes and giant 50ft world record.  Also including rope spinning lessons and competitions for all ages.


A double handed whip cracking display followed by a demonstration of cutting hand-held targets.  Members of the audience are invited to participate in a 'whip round'.

Gun Play

Super fast display of gun plays, quick draw, gun spinning and twirling.  Members of the audience are challenged to a quick draw and shoot out.
Knife Throwing Act

A set of ten Bowie knives expertly thrown, progressively closer, around a human target.  

With the invaluable assistance of human target volunteers from the audience, the act gains steadily in excitement as victims face flaming knives of fire.  The show winds up to a climax as a human target faces a set of knives hurled by Tod Cody ..... blindfold!

All these acts are available, with qualified instructors, for staff training and team building events.

Wild West gun play

Wild West knife throwing Tod Cody is descended from four generations of the famous Wild West Show Family and has hosted many rodeos and Western shows touring many countries.

He is the man responsible for putting together the action sequences in many TV Westerns and films and is also a technical adviser and tutor of Wild West skills to some of our most famous movie stars. 

Tod's expertise in performance covers a complete cross section of Wild West entertainment.  His fast moving shows with a strong emphasis on audience participation and interaction, provide excellent all-round family entertainment and are ideal for team building programs.

The Space Cowboy, Tod's latest character, puts training delegates literally through their paces with the latest in line dancing steps after a rigorous session of American army drill complete with squad team chanting.
  • Safety equipment provided for competitions.
  • Blank cartridges are used in all shoot out and quick draw contests.
  • All shows are covered by public liability insurance (5million).
  • Risk assessments are provided.
  • Letters of indemnity are granted to organisers and bookers
  • Fire effects subject to health and safety permissions.
Cowboy party props - American saloon bar

Cowboy party cactus supplies

Design your own Wild West Adventure  - from our range of activities and scene-setting equipment for your cowboy Wild West themed event or party  (* suitable for team building activities.)

Games & Activities
  • Quick Draw Machine (with electronic timer)*
  • Bow & Arrow Range - 10 ft range *
  • Cork Shooting Saloon - 10 ft range *
  • Horseshow Throwing Corral *
  • Cowboy Boot Toss*
  • Chicken in the Pot - throwing game
  • Lasso a Cactus Corral *
  • Tee-Pee Building with basket ball shoot off *
  • Knife & Axe Throwing*
  • Rope Spinning Instruction *
  • Line Dancing *
  • Cowboy rap/poetry competition *
  • Wild West quiz - history, music, movies *
  • Indian trackers - treasure trail *
  • Whip Cracking Training *
  • Stunt Fight Instruction *
  • Military drill with the Space Cowboy *
  • Self Defence Lessons
  • First Aid Training
  • Giant Wrestlers - 12ft inflatables *
  • Cactus Plants (fibreglass)
  • Corral Fencing (folding units)
  • Western Saddles
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Barrels
  • Cow Horns
  • Cow Skulls
  • American Eagle Emblems
  • Hanging Man Dummy
  • Cigar Store Native American
  • Mississippi Minstrel Statue
Wild West show wagon and wagon wheels

Wild West props for cowboy parties

  • Sleeping Mexican
  • Tee-Pee (self standing)
  • Half-scale Covered Wagon
  • Barn, Blacksmiths, Jail
  • Saloon Door Entrance
  • Individual hand props: tools, lamps, water bottles, etc
  • Indian Sculptures
  • Camp Fire/Cooking Pots
  • Uncle Sam (head and shoulders)
  • Indian Headdress Sculptures
  • Cowboy Bandit (head and shoulders)
  • Totem Poles - 10ft standard
  • Staging  2ft x 6ft x 8ft standard
  • PA Music System
  • Pleated Full Fan Flags 6ft and 8 ft
  • Half Pleated Fan Flags 3 ft
  • Long drop down Stars & Stripes flag, 8ft and 12ft drop
  • State flags
  • Presidential flags
  • Giant Stars & Stripes
  • Stars & Stripes bunting (lengths)
  • Red, White & Blue bunting (lengths

Wagon Wheels for cowboy parties